The traineeship can be organised for individuals or a group. Our companies cover practically all professional profiles. This applies to vocational training, but also to studies.

Eurocultura can organize the traineeship in Vicenza within a few weeks; however, a preparation period of at least 3 months is recommended. This gives Eurocultura enough time to get to know the participants well and to respond to their wishes as much as possible.

We also recommend to join our Open Day, where the responsible for the sending organisation can get to know the possibilities in Vicenza and the Eurocultura team, in our experience, this helps to get a realistic idea of the city, Eurocultura’s services and the programme implementation.

Here is a description of the different phases from signing the contract to the end of the internship.



At least 12 weeks before arrival contract signed between the sending organisation and Eurocultura List of professional profiles
At least 8 weeks before arrival the sending organisation sends Eurocultura the list of the participants and their professional skills/qualification
7 weeks before arrival Eurocultura confirms the profiles
6 weeks before arrival the sending organisation sends Eurocultura the CVs and cover letters
5 weeks before arrival – start preparation module “Be ready for Vicenza”
– group discussion (video conference) to get to know each other and program in Vicenza (ON REQUEST)
– welcoming mail to participants to strengthen motivation
5/4 weeks before arrival individual interview (video conference) to check personal and professional skills and expectations
4-3 weeks before arrival – start matching process company -trainee
– regular info mails to participants to prepare for Vicenza (topics etc.: learning Italian, living with Italians, safety at work, work clothes, leisure time in Vicenza)
1 week before arrival mail to participants with information about accommodation and travel
Last day before arrival mail to participants with info material useful for the stay in Vicenza
Day of arrival (usually Sunday) meeting point at Vicenza train station and hosts accompany to the accommodation (host or shared flat)
1st day – start module “Be trainee in Vicenza”: Introduction to the programme, signing the programme documents, getting to know Vicenza
2nd – 3rd day presentation at the company (accompanied by Eurocultura)
Evaluation with the host regarding the settling in process
4th day start of the traineeship
8th day first evaluation with company tutor
In the middle of the stay – written mid-term evaluation with trainee and company tutor; feedback to the sending organization
– partner’s visit to Vicenza (optional)
2 days before departure – final evaluation with company tutors
– check of the accommodation
1 day before departure Final evaluation meeting with participants and delivery of the official certificates (Europass, Eurocultura certificates…)
Day of departure
(usually Saturday)
2 weeks after departure final papers to the sending organization
Wednesday afternoon office hours
24-hour emergency call in serious cases
Weekend participants receive tips regarding excursions, sports activities, events
Regularly partner update