Cultural program

Vicenza and its surrounding offer wonderful occasions for a couple-of-hours or a day trip, which are perfect to enjoy the days off from the internship.

Eurocultura has been cooperating for years with experienced local tour guides, to give the participants the possibility to discover the universally known beauties and the secret corners of the most beautiful cities in Veneto.

A walk in the centre of Vicenza is a must-do: the Basilica Palladiana, the Olympic Theatre, Palazzo Chiericati and the other masterpieces of Palladio are just the framework of a city rich in history and culture. An easy walk along Corso Palladio, under the arcades of Corso Fogazzaro or through small alleyways offers countless enchanting glimpses. The Villa Rotonda, Monte Berico, the Villa ai Nani will give delightful views to the ones who want to go on just outside the centre.

You cannot miss a day in Venice: you can reach the jewel of the Adriatic in just one hour by train. You can walk along the Grand Canal and admire the sumptuous palaces of the Serenissima, you can go through the Rialto bridge, you can go into sestieri and calli, you can reach Punta della Dogana, Accademia Bridge, Piazza San Marco with the golden mosaics of the Basilica and the decorations of Palazzo Ducale, without losing sight of the Laguna and the thousand islands.

And who doesn’t know Verona, the city loved by Shakespeare Eurocultura will accompany you to the Arena, to Romeo and Juliet’s houses, to the Palazzo Scaligero and along the Adige river.

You have to plan a visit to Padua, to see Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel, the cloister of the second oldest university of Italy at the Bo, and then to relax a bit on the Prato della Valle with the beautiful view on the churches and the domes of St. Antonio and St. Giustina.

And last, as many people from Vicenza absolutely love doing, take a Sunday afternoon to have a walk by the walls of Marostica’s castle and imagine the world famous human chess game on the downtown square, or to get lost through the lovely little squares in Bassano and to taste a PDO grappa in the distilleries by the Alpini bridge, with the soft wind of the Alps blowing through your hair.