We organize custom-made traineeships in company in the frame of European project erasmus+ and ESF

What is Learning Mobility

The internship in a small or medium business in Vicenza offers firstly the possibility of applying for a new work context skills exercised at home, and to learn that they are convertible. Relate with colleagues and superiors in a foreign language and with a different organization of work confirms the work process undertaken and gives motivation for the future. In many cases you also get an expansion of specialized knowledge is an advantage for the company at home.

Last arrivals

Administrative clerk from Germany

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Electrician, architects and administrative clerks

Germans and Austrians do their traineeship in Vicenza! @mobilitaetsberatung @BBSWechloy @HTL.Vil #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly Read More

Electrician from Finland

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Electricians and body shop mechanics from Tenerife

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Cooks and waiters from Poland

Welcome in Vicenza! Fundacja Kształcenia Zawodowego i Międzykulturowego “Faveo” #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly Read More

Carpenters from Germany

Welcome to Leonard and Felix! Berufskolleg Beckum des Kreises Warendorf Europaschule @berufskolleg.beckum #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly Read More

Computer technicians from Tenerife

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Mechanics, electricians, clerk, hospitality experts from Spain

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