Language course

A successful traineeship depends not only on motivation, but also on communication with colleagues. This is also valid for the integration into everyday life and contact with the people in Vicenza.

English as a language of communication helps in various situations but not everyone speaks English in the company and in everyday life.

Consequently, a basic knowledge of Italian can be of great advantage for understanding. Eurocultura offers a survival course in Italian as an additional option in the first week. This will help you to practise basic language structures and to test your skills in business and everyday life, e.g. asking for the bus, shopping, ordering pizza. The focus is on active speaking, especially introducing and communicating with colleagues in the company.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday in blocks of 4 lessons of 45 minutes each and are taught by experienced native-speaking teachers. On request, an accompanying language course can be organised once a week during the traineeship.

The language course also serves to “acclimatize” in peace and quiet, i.e. to get to know Vicenza and its life, and then to be able to start the work placement without stress.

At the end of the course, the participant will receive a language course certificate.