Language course

The success of an experience abroad depends also on the language level one has, which is very useful to integrate better.

English can help, but not everybody in Vicenza speaks it; that’s why it will be a great advantage if you master a basic Italian.

The settling-in period is the most important one to familiarize yourself with the new reality: in this fundamental moment, to be independent in understanding how public transport works, in asking information or in ordering a pizza, Eurocultura organizes an intensive Italian language and culture course of 20 hours per week, with qualified mother-tongue Italian teachers with a long experience in teaching Italian to foreign people. During the course the focus is on conversation, with more attention to the speaking than to the grammar; this will be important also for the presentation interview in the host company on the third day.

By request, the course can also continue during the internship, with 4 lessons together once per week.

At the end of the language course Eurocultura gives the participants a certificate of attendance.