About us

Eurocultura is a research, training and career counselling organization working in international scope. We are based in Vicenza, a town of 113.000 inhabitants located in the north-east of Italy, between Verona and Venice, one of the stronger Italian cities from an economic point.

Every year we organize over 250 Erasmus+ and ESF traineeships for foreign participants for a duration between 21 days and 365 days. Our incoming staff takes care of all training and logistic organizational aspects: traineeship in a local company, accommodation, language course and tutorship according to the partner’s organization needs and requests.

We also organize staff mobility in different fields: education, public utility and management. They usually last one or two weeks and are a full immersion experience where participants can get a deep insight of the issue of their interest: from early childhood education to Italian vocational schools, to E-mobility…

Other projects and activities by Eurocultura: promoting international mobility for vocational school students, university students and employees; improving job-specific competencies thanks to courses led by expert trainers and experiences both in Italy and abroad; developing business spirit; preventing and fighting racism and prejudices; widening the use of new technologies for education.

Eurocultura works in Italy and Europe in collaboration with the public utility: employment agencies, schools, universities, representatives of workers and employers, banks, firms, skills agencies. We also cooperate with private companies that look for the internationalization of their human resources. Together with foreign partners, we develop new methods for international training.

Our international tutors have experience of work and/or study abroad and a social, educational, linguistic academic background.

International projects financed by EU in the following fields: vocational training, career counselling, occupation, youth, migration, gender studies. We also develop innovative courses on: quality management in international training, informal language courses, E-mobility models, biographies and migrations, analysis of competencies for disadvantaged people, entrepreneurial training.

Career counselling: going abroad as the main point of a professional career. Individual or group counselling about work, study, traineeships, volunteering, to find the way of going abroad that best fits you.

Training activities: conferences on International Mobility in universities, schools, youth centers, public utility, training agencies, social partners, employment agency. Seminars “Train-the-Trainer” for vocational and management consultants about international mobility.

Employer Branding: for companies that look for experts or trainees from Italy.

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