Companies in Vicenza

As well as on strong sectors, Vicenza’s economic framework can count on a myriad of small and medium-sized enterprises working on specific niche markets. They are the real flagship of our area, where creativity, know-how and industriousness were and are still able to perform successfully on the global market.

The SME in Vicenza is the ideal place where to have an internship: it is usually family-run, and this lets the trainee to be followed in his/her progress; it has few employees: the trainee has a transversal approach to the job and develops multitasking skills since he/she will be dealing with more than one issue; the small size of the enterprise enables the trainee to have a complete vision over the internal processes, and at the same time to live in an international atmosphere since the SMEs often work with foreign partners.

Our companies welcome trainees with various professional profiles: from arts and crafts to industry, from business to health, from administration to NGOs.

The network of companies Eurocultura cooperates with includes also public utility: we can start a traineeship in public utility offices, local administration offices, museums, youth centres, kindergartens, old age homes, social services.

More, the non-profit sector in Vicenza is well-structured and lets traineeships start in rehab centres, nursing homes, youth centres, sports associations, facilities for disabled people, cultural labs and many more.

The traineeship is a valuable tool for the company as well, because:

  • it promotes training
  • it gives the possibility to have an international colleague
  • it gives the possibility to compare with other working methods
  • facilitates the exchange of competencies and know-how
  • arts and crafts are handed down
  • improves/lets employees use language skills
  • it is possible to establish contacts to start a future cooperation

The tutors of Eurocultura are always in touch both with the company and the participant, to control how things go and to check their professional and language growth.

Private sector:

  • engineering industry (garage, turning, welding, carving, metalworking, plants…)
  • hydraulics and electronics (installing and reparation of heating systems, photovoltaic systems, wiring, households appliances, computer techs…)
  • construction (building industry, carpentry, architecture and design…)
  • artistic handicrafts (goldsmith’s and silversmith’s, carpentry, ceramics, fashion…)
  • personal services (hairdressing, cosmetology, dressmaking, sports complexes…)
  • tourism and restaurant business (kitchen working, serving, room service, bar, confectionery and bakery…)
  • communication and graphics (press room, web design, multimedia, photography…)
  • business (retail trade of clothing, foodstuffs, ironmonger’s, household appliances…)
  • administration (accountancy, logistics, warehouses…)

Public sector:

  • education (primary and secondary schools, kindergartens…)
  • health service (nursing homes, rehabs, health-care professions…)
  • public utility (administration, local offices…)

Non-profit sector:

  • social cooperatives (for disability, drug addiction, care homes…)
  • associations (sports and cultural associations…)