Eurocultura has three main purposes for its trainees: use of job-specific competencies, strengthening of one’s personality, increase of availability of mobility.

Doing an apprenticeship in a small or medium-sized enterprise in Vicenza gives the possibility to apply home-practised abilities to a new working environment, and to learn that they are convertible.  The choice of a job will be confirmed by this experience, since you must live and interact with colleagues and supervisors using a foreign language, and understand a different organization of work. You will also find the right motivation for the future and, of course, your specific skills will be increased – that is a big advantage also for your home company.

Sharing an accommodation with Italians, being independent and taking care of yourselves, finding your way in a foreign city, communicating in Italian and in English: the time in Vicenza will teach you to be open to many new experiences and to deal with them successfully. There is no doubt that you will go back home as a more adult person.

The fear of distance and separation from your family, beloved and friends will disappear when you realise that you have survived some weeks or months far from them, without losing anything. From now on mobility and flexibility will be your visiting card, your peculiarity.

Skype interview, evaluation of job competencies, matching with an adequate company, monitoring of how the traineeship goes, Italian survival course, appropriate accommodation by Italian host families, weekly consulting hours, on-call 24/7, final certificate:

in more than 20 years’ experience with the Projects Leonardo da Vinci, Erasmus+ and ESF, Eurocultura has developed high quality standards that guarantee a successful stay in Vicenza.