The application and development of professional skills, the strengthening of the personality and the increase of mobility: these are Eurocultura’s main aims.
The traineeship in a small or medium sized company in Vicenza is mainly aimed at applying the activities acquired at home in a new work context and learning that they are transferable. Getting along with colleagues and superiors in a foreign language and in a different work organisation confirms the career path they have taken so far and motivates them for the future. In many cases there is also an expansion of specialized knowledge, which is also an advantage for the home company.

To share accommodation with Italians, to be self-sufficient, to find one’s way in a foreign city, to communicate in Italian and English: the stay in Vicenza requires the trainees to face many new experiences. This ensures that they return home and to their home company in a more “adult” way.

Having “survived” a few weeks or months over a thousand kilometres far away from family, partner and friends, the fear of distance and separation disappears. Being mobile and flexible in life becomes a fundamental quality for the trainee.

Skype interview, assessment of professional skills, matching with the suitable company, control of the traineeship process, Italian language course, suitable accommodation with Italian host families, weekly office hours, telephone service, certification: Eurocultura with more than 25 years of experience as hosting organisation under Leonardo Da Vinci, ErasmusPlus and ESF programs, has developed a wide range of quality management tools to guarantee a successful placement.

A traineeship in Vicenza – a decisive step forward