Job shadowing

Vicenza offers many opportunities to learn more about the Italian approach and implementation in the educational, social, and administrative sectors. With the “Job shadowing” promoted by Erasmus+, Eurocultura finds a suitable institution where the participants can observe the Italian work situation: in class, in planning, in the workshop, at the parent-teacher meeting or at the counselling interview. Side by side with educators, teachers, trainers, social workers, administrative staff, and many other professions.

In short: there is a binational exchange from a practical point of view.

The Job Shadowing in Vicenza can take place in:

– kindergartens
– primary, secondary, and high schools
– vocational schools
– adult education institutions (social partners, public and private organisations)
– local government
– independent organisations in the social sector

Requirements: at least language level B2 in Italian or English
Duration: 1 to 2 weeks
Application: at least 2 months before the desired starting date