Vicenza is a small metropolitan city of about 113.000 inhabitants, centre of the homonym district. The cultural offer of urban life joins the quietness of a city on a human scale, with shops and bars in every corner and square. In 2017 the city gains the 4th place in the ranking “Best Italian cities for quality of life”. Famous for its architecture Vicenza is part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Giardino Salvi
Mercato a Vicenza

Vicenza is a city with a long history: from 49 b.C. it was part of the Roman Empire; in 1404 it fell under Venice’s control; after the Congress of Vienna in 1815 it became part of the Habsburg Monarchy and after the third Independence War it finally joined Italy. There are no traces of the bombings during the Second World War.

Vicenza is a city with many places of historical and artistic interest: churches and streets of the Roman Era, many works of art of the Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, as the Olympic Theatre, the Villa Rotonda, the Basilica, as well as palaces, squares, art galleries. Vicenza is an UNESCO World Heritage since 1994.

Villa La Rotonda by the architect of the Renaissance Palladium, 1566, Vicenza
Famous Basilica Palladiana with Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza, Italy

Vicenza is a lively city, rich in events all over the year: the “StraVicenza” walking in March, the cycling tour Granfondo Liotto in April, the Bible and the Jazz Festival in May, the numerous rock festivals in the summer, FestAmbiente in June, the season of classical music and theatre at the Olympic Theatre in June and September and the theatre, dance and music season at the Teatro Comunale, the feast days of Vicenza’s patron saint on the 8th September, VicenzaOro in January, May and September (one of the biggest jewellery fairs in the world).

People in Vicenza spend much of their time in the open air or in public places: in the parks you can always see people doing jogging or sports, going for a walk with their children or with their dogs; in any time of the year, in the late afternoon, roads and squares of the city centre are full of young people and adults: happy hour with colleagues and friends is one of the most important moments of the day, still better if you drink the traditional spriz. So, thanks to their innate warmth, making friends with the vicentini is very easy.


Vicenza is a safe city, where you can move absolutely freely at every hour of the day.

Vicenza is famous for how easily you can move around: thanks to an excellent road network, it takes only 15 minutes to go through the city; you can go around also on foot or by bike in the bicycle paths or in the footpaths; downtown cars are forbidden, to let people walk in freedom; buses travel for no longer than 30 minutes from the suburbs to the centre, and they go until midnight.

Vicenza is in a central position and has cheap public transports: you can reach Verona in 30 minutes and Venice in 45 minutes by train. In two hours driving you reach Milan; you can reach the airports of Venice, Verona, Milan Orio al Serio and Milan Linate in one to two and a half hours. Vicenza is an international city: 15% of the people comes from different parts of the world. Besides Europeans, Vicenza has become the home-town for people from the USA, Morocco, Serbia, China, India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast.

And last, Vicenza offers a big variety of delicacies: codfish “alla vicentina”, bigoli with duck ragout, soppressa and other sausages, cheese (including traditional Asiago), polenta, white asparagus from Bassano, truffles from the Colli Berici, cherry from Marostica, grappa and wine from Breganze.

We wait for you in Vicenza!