Vicenza is a small metropolitan city of about 110.000 inhabitants, centre of the homonym district. The cultural offer of urban life joins the quietness of a city on a human scale, with shops and bars in every corner and square. Vicenza is a city of short distances that can be easily explored on foot or by bicycle.

Giardino Salvi
Mercato a Vicenza

Vicenza is a city with many sights: Churches and streets from the Roman period, buildings of the most important Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio such as Teatro Olimpico, Villa Rotonda or the Basilica, the Mediterranean city squares and art galleries. Vicenza has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

Vicenza is the perfect starting point to visit unique sights and places in a day or weekend: 45 minutes to Venice or Verona, 1 hour to Lake Garda, 2 hours to Milan or Florence and less than 4 hours to Rome.

Villa La Rotonda by the architect of the Renaissance Palladium, 1566, Vicenza
Famous Basilica Palladiana with Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza, Italy

Vicenza is an active city: StraVicenza City Race in March, Granfondo Distance Cycle Race in April, Jazz Festival and Bible Festival in May, Music Festivals in the summer, Environmental Festival in June, Music Weeks at the Teatro Olimpico in June, City Patron Saint’s Festival on 8 September, International Jewellery Fairs in January, May and September. All year round the city lives inside and outside.

Vicenza is a city rich in history: in 49 B.C. it received Roman citizenship, in 1404 it came under the rule of the Republic of Venice, after the Congress of Vienna in 1815 it fell to the Habsburgs and after the 3rd Italian War of Independence to the Kingdom of Italy. Today, nothing can be perceived of the destruction of the two world wars in the city and the region


Vicenza has produced many famous names: Diesel (jeans), Dainese (motorcycle clothing), Campagnolo (bicycle components), Federico Faggin (co-inventor of the microchip), Paolo Rossi (football world champion) and Roberto Baggio (footballer) and Gelindo Bordin (marathon Olympic champion).

Vicenza is a city of short distances: in 15 minutes by car you can get from one side of the city to the other, there are cycle paths in the centre and in the districts, buses take a maximum of 30 minutes from the outskirts to the centre and run until midnight.

Vicenza is an international city: 15% of its inhabitants come from all over the world. Besides many EU citizens, people from the EU, the USA, Morocco, Serbia, China, India, Bangladesh, Ghana, Senegal, Ivory Coast and many other countries have found their second home here.

Vicenza is an open city: voluntary work is widespread among the people. They are curious and travel a lot to get to know other languages and cultures. Their innate friendliness makes it easy to make contact.

Vicenza is a safe city: it is a big but remains manageable and has a low crime rate. The life of the Vicentines takes place outdoors most of the year and you never feel left alone.

Vicenza is a city with a wide range of educational opportunities: State University, Management University, secondary schools of different types, vocational training centres and professional academies in the hospitality, construction and craft sectors.

In Vicenza and its surroundings you can also enjoy many culinary specialities: risotto with white asparagus from Bassano, truffles from the Berici hills, creamy baccalà fish, bigoli pasta with duck ragout, Asiago cheese, gourmet ice cream, cherries from Marostica, grappa for every taste and herbal brandy from the alpine pastures, torcolato wine from Breganze.

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