Traineeship in English

Eurocultura cooperates with traineeship companies where English is used as the language of communication. A minimum language level of B2 is required.
There are several reasons why English is widely spoken in Vicenza.

The economy of Vicenza exports goods and services for almost 18 billion euros and ranks third in Italy behind Milan and Bergamo. The main markets are the German-speaking countries, the USA, France and Great Britain. Trade fair presence, business meetings and customer communication in English is part of everyday life in many companies.

Vicenza is part of the UNESCO world heritage because of the architectural buildings of Andrea Palladio; the city has many museums and holds several festivals. Thanks to its perfect location between Venice and Verona (less than 1 hour away) many foreign tourists come to Vicenza.

Vicenza is the largest US military base in Europe (over 10,000 American soldiers and family members). In addition, about 15,000 foreigners (often from English speaking countries) live in the city.

English is spoken in many of our accommodations. This makes it much easier to understand each other when living together.