Learning workshop

Eurocultura’s learning workshop combines professional knowledge, learning contents in the vocational training or studies, self-organised and guided learning, intercultural experience and personal development.

Know-how: through lectures and job shadowing, participants learn how theory and practice mix
Consolidation: the contents of the learning workshop are defined in cooperation with the sending institution; they relate to the curriculum of the vocational school or university
Self-organised and guided learning: the participants are accompanied by teachers who guide and supervise the project tasks during the learning workshop; they also encourage self-initiative, e.g. job shadowing, and analyse the experience gained
Intercultural experience: the participants live among local people, in an Italian building, communicating with hands, feet and English
Personal development: define the goals of the experience abroad, learn Italian, assert yourself in an unknown situation, enjoy the country, produce results

Duration: 1 to 2 weeks
Possible fields: early childhood education, healthcare, tourism and cooking (other areas on request)
Number of participants: at least 16
Tutor: at least 1. He/she organises project work in the afternoon to support the students in analysing learning contents and job shadowing and to finalise a product
Practice: in the morning theory and/or job shadowing, in the afternoon group project work
Theory: experts deal with the topics agreed with the sending organisation, Participants analyse them in the afternoon, guided by accompanying teachers
Job Shadowing: participants go to the companies in small groups to observe everyday life and to fulfil the defined project tasks
Project work: in the afternoon the learning contents experienced in the morning during lectures and/or job shadowing are analytically processed under the guidance of the accompanying teacher
Accommodation: self-catering in shared apartments or by local hosts
Eurocultura organises the learning workshop in collaboration with the sending organisation; translates the lectures; accompanies participants in the companies in the first day of job shadowing; looks for accommodation; organizes local transport and excursions (for example to Venice, Verona or Lake Garda). Technical equipment will be provided as well as support to the learners and certifies the learning workshop (certificate of participation, Europass…)