Selection and matching

working experience abroad is a fundamental step in the trainee’s professional and personal growth. Indeed, some challenges that would never occur at home must be faced. In particular, the traineeship:

  • technical competencies
    consolidates technical competencies by applying them in a foreign working environment
  • professional skills
    widens the professional skills in a new working environment
  • personal skills
    tests the personal skills in a different cultural context

Eurocultura has developed an accurate and deep procedure to select the right company. This process leads to match professional skills, trainee’s expectations and concrete opportunities offered by the company.

To choose the best work placement Eurocultura uses 3 main tools:

  • participant’s CV: to have a complete view on formal and non-formal competencies of the trainee
  • participant’s motivational letter: to have a more personal view on learning expectations during the traineeship
  • interview in videoconference with the participant: to better know the person’s education, professional experiences, expectations, and to get some character aspects. This meeting is also useful for the participant, who first meets Eurocultura’s tutors

Through these tools Eurocultura is able to choose the company that best suits to the participant profile and in which the professional and social goals will be reached. The choice is the result of a deep team work, lasting some weeks.
The result is that in 99% of cases company and participant fit to each other.

The selection criterions towards the companies are:
– a positive working atmosphere
– the presence of an internal tutor that follows and helps the trainee during the whole experience
– proposed activities coherent with the training agreement
– availability to teach new competencies
– respect of schedules, safety rules, hygienic rules.

According to the Italian law the company, the trainee and Eurocultura subscribe a training agreement, where schedules, learning contents, safety rules, privacy and internal tutor are listed.

Eurocultura takes out the compulsory Italian labour insurance for accidents and disease on the work placement INAIL.

Eurocultura is always available for consultation. The staff is constantly in touch both with the company and the participant and continuously monitors the learning process.