Company interviews

Mauro Marzegan, OLM and trainer of CFP Pia Società San Gaetano

G.B. Parrucchieri: Creativity and professionalism at the hair’s service

Today we interview Giorgio Assoldelli, founding partner of G.B. Parrucchieri with his brother Bruno, as well as teacher of many training courses for hairdressers. • What does your company do? Our salon in Vicenza deals with men, women and children's hair styling. We also carry out beard cutting, skin analysis, manicure, make-up, advertising photo shoots. [...]

Nuova Sida automatic turnery

We interview Giulia Zanetti, CEO and sales manager of Nuova Sida S.r.l., a company located in Camisano Vicentino, taken over by her father Carlo 27 years ago. • What does your company do? Our company is an automatic turnery specialized in turning small parts and mechanical components according to the customer's design. • What are [...]

A great experience in international cooperation

We interviewed Barbara Elia, head of the financial department of ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy. • What does your association do? What is your mission? ALDA is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting good governance and citizen participation at a local level. It therefore focuses on activities that facilitate cooperation between local authorities […]

Beauty and well-being in the heart of Vicenza

Today we talk with Monica Borin, manager and technical director of Oasi Rejuve, a medical beauty center in the heart of Vicenza. • What does your company do? Oasi Rejuve is a beauty and wellness center specializing in facial, body and permanent depilation treatments. It is part of Biotec Italia S.r.l., a company located in [...]

Interview with Juri Devigili, project manager

Eurocultura has interviewed Juri Devigili, project manager for European planning and responsible for the training and counselling of unemployed people for the Municipality of Vicenza.

Working with disability

We interview Cristina Gori, coordinator of the center “Il Giardino dei Tigli” located in Altavilla Vicentina, which is part of the “Papa Luciani” multi-purpose center managed by the Cooperativa Sociale di Solidarietà Promozione Lavoro. • What does your center do? What is your mission? This is a residential community for people with severe disabilities acquired […]

Maria De Toni: the excellence of Italian handcrafted jewellery

We interviewed Maria Loretta De Toni, “jewellery stylist”, founder and president of Maria De Toni S.r.l., a goldsmith company based in Sandrigo (VI). • What does your company do? Our company deals with the design and production of gold jewelry in the different carats, which we then export internationally. • What are your strengths? We […]

The interview: a hosting company explains its European experience

Interview with Carlotta Trabaldo, receptionist manager of Hotel Ristorante Pizzeria Giada, situated in the province of Vicenza, 3*** touristic facility, offering both accommodation and catering, and host company of European trainees. Which is the mission of your company? Our structure is composed of interlinked hotel and restaurant. Our mission is to pamper guests, offering them [...]