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Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Attilio Bedin, administrator and business partner of Elettrosystem Bedin S.r.l., a company based in Altavilla Vicentina (VI).

• What does your company do?
Elettrosystem Bedin is a company that deals with the realization of civil and industrial electrical systems, gate automation, air conditioning installation, burglar alarm systems and photovoltaic systems.

• What are the services in which you excel?
Our strong point is definitely the electrical plant design and installation, our core business for over 24 years and macro sector that often includes the other services that we offer.

• How many employees do you have?
The company currently consists of 4 business partners and 19 employees. Sometimes we also make use of some external collaborators.

• What kind of costumers do you have?
Our clientele is very heterogeneous. It is composed not only of individuals and companies but also of public bodies, such as many municipalities in the Vicenza area or law enforcement. In fact, we adhere to the MePA service (purchases portal of the Public Administration), which allows us to participate in public tenders. We also work for foreign companies.

• How long have you been welcoming trainees? In which areas? From which country have you welcomed so far?
We have been collaborating with local schools for about ten years and for a couple of years we have also been welcoming Eurocultura’s trainees. So far, we have had Spaniards and Germans in training as electricians.

• What are the tasks assigned to them? What can a trainee learn from you?
At the beginning, the trainee is placed in the warehouse, so that he becomes familiar with the materials we use, and then in one of our worksites. It can thus “touch with his hands” the practical part of what he is studying and therefore have a 360° experience.

• How do you organize the placement and the “follow-up” of the trainee?
On the first day the trainee is welcomed by Alfredo, one of my business partners, who provides him with the basic information about the company. Then he joins the warehouse manager for 2/3 days and the foreman for the following days. There is therefore always a figure of reference that constantly monitors his work. The timetable is basically from 7:30 to 17:30 with an hour and a half of lunch break. We do not have the canteen service, but the trainee can eat with colleagues and take advantage of this time to integrate himself and improve his Italian.

• How do you get on with trainees from Europe? How do the company’s employees react to the trainee?
European trainees are generally very knowledgeable, so we had always a very good time with them so far. If the person who arrives is valuable and wants to learn, the reaction of the employees is certainly positive. It is also a good opportunity for them to practice their English.

• Tell us something funny that happened to you!
One day I was at the vending machines during the break with the last trainee we had, a very capable German boy, and chatting with him I came to know that our worksite in Germany was about 30 minutes from his home! This makes you realize how small the world is!

Interviewer: Federica Perazzolo, Eurocultura


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