Aims and benefits of a traineeship in Vicenza

Nowadays an experience abroad is a major milestone in everybody’s training path: for the ones who are training in the tourism and hospitality sector this milestone is a must. Vicenza is the right place to do a traineeship in this area and gain international competences to add in the CV:

  • acquire independence
  • improve language skills
  • raise cultural awareness
  • develop adaptability and flexibility
  • achieve self-management and personal growth

Concerning the technical skills, here follow in details the competences every trainee will reach in each different working area:

  • traineeship as a receptionist

customer care techniques
different cultural habits
use of dedicated tourism management software
learn of technical language
welcoming guests

  • traineeship as a cook

Mediterranean diet, Italian cuisine, 0 km cooking, vacuum cooking
pizza dough processing techniques, sourdough pizza, pizza dough with various flours sorts, pizza dough for persons who suffer from celiac disease
plate techniques
team work
pantry organization

  • traineeship as a waiter

knowledge of Italian wines
sales and table service techniques
empathy for guests
work under pressure
team work

  • traineeship as a bartender

cocktails and long drinks creation
milk frothing
coffee preparation techniques
“tramezzini” and “tartine” preparation
warehouse management


Through a deep examination of the candidate’s application and a detailed interview before the beginning of the experience abroad, Eurocultura can find the suitable company where the trainee will achieve the educational aims.

Updated November 2016

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