In the last 20 years, several thousand participants have carried out an internship in the companies of Vicenza. Very few of them have had any knowledge of Italian before. Some of them took a beginners’ language course at home or at the beginning in Vicenza or took part in the online language help of the ErasmusPlus programme. In many cases, however, they had a successful experience in Vicenza even without Italian language skills.

Active communication with hands and feet and English as an auxiliary language: this is what you can cope with in our companies and in everyday life. The degree of satisfaction of the participants confirms this.

The positive working atmosphere of our internship companies, the hospitality of our hosts and generally the friendliness and curiosity of Italians towards foreigners are the reasons why the trainees are not scared to feel out of place, despite his/her lack of knowledge of Italian. Our videos with former participants clarify this point.

Eurocultura also offers the possibility to do a traineeship in English; a minimum level of B2 is required.