International from the early childhood with a traineeship in Vicenza

„International” has become a current word in our vocabulary. We live in a global world, with a thick and complex network of interconnections, which cannot leave people’s and resources’ mobility aside. Meeting foreigners is part of our daily experience.
As world citizens, it is fundamental for us to be educated to come face to face with diversity. This process needs to start from early childhood: right in this age every child learns at most and develops brain, abilities, competences.
After the family, the educators/teachers have the most delicate role in the education of the children, that are the “men and women of tomorrow”: first of all, they have to be themselves concerned with and prepared on the theme of multiculturalism; second, they must know pedagogical ways of educating children to respect and mutual knowledge.
The best way to develop professional and soft skills for educators/teachers is to spend some time of their education abroad. In a new cultural context, they can have first-hand experience of what it means to fit into a new environment; in a new professional context they get new stimulus to activities for children, discuss with new colleagues, get inspired by new pedagogical methods, understand how their role is seen in another country, keep the passion and the renewal alive.
Educators/teachers with a traineeship experience in Vicenza will have gained for sure a range of competences to be transmitted to their classes, such as:

  • new pedagogical methods
  • ideas for inclusion of children with disabilities
  • new ways of relationship with parents
  • new ways and themes for projects
  • ideas for documentation
  • new songs in another language
  • new games


UPDATED February 2017

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