Polish project with Eurocultura

In cooperation with the Foundation for Vocational and Intercultural Education Faveo from Wroclaw Eurocultura took a part of the project „Ciao! Hallo! Velkommen! Zgłębiamy duńskie, włoskie i niemieckie standardy pracy.” The aim of the project is to improve the professional competitiveness of students from 3 vocational schools (from Wrocław, Włoclawek, Ostrzeszów) in European context. Mobility of students and teachers, exchange of experiences will increase quality of education.

Internship for students from school in Włocławek was 05.-18.05.2018 and job shadowing for VET staff from 3 schools (Włocławek, Wrocław, Ostrzeszów) was 14.05-18.05.2018. Both programs finished succesfull. The participants learned about Italian cooking and culture at all.
This project has been funded by the European Union through European Social Fund / Erasmus + funds.