Polish project with Eurocultura

Europe supports education, professionals develop Europe”. The second project in partnership with the Foundation for Vocational and Intercultural Education Faveo from Wroclaw concerns the mobility of students from vocational school from Włocławek and VET staff from vocational schools from Wrocław, Włocławek, Ostrzeszów.

The deepening of cooperation is to serve primarily:

– for development in building relationships on the line school – labor market according to European standards;

– for strengthening, in addition to professional competence, also deficient soft skills, among others: the will to develop, mobility in the search for work, higher self-esteem.

Implementation period: 01.08.2019-31.12.2020

Mobility periods: 17-30.05.2020 students’ internship, 25-29.05.2020 job shadowing VET stuff

This project is funded by the European Union, Erasmus + funds.