Educación infantil

The time we spent in Vicenza!

The 4 trainees from the Alice-Salomon-Schule in Hannover report their 6-week experience in the nursery schools and kindergartens in Vicenza

«Personally, I am enthusiastic about the educational approach they have here!»

Nina, one of our German participants from Hannover, briefly reports her traineeship in "Asilo Nido Comunale di Capovilla" in Caldogno...

Julia from Germany – educator

International from the early childhood with a traineeship in Vicenza

„International” has become a current word in our vocabulary. We live in a global world, with a thick and complex...

Early childhood services in Vicenza

Vicenza has 113.000 inhabitants, is situated between Venice and Verona in the hearth of Veneto region, one of the 5...