Organizamos prácticas hechas a medidas de los participantes en empresas en el marco del proyecto europeo Erasmus+ y FSE

Last arrivals

Educators from Germany

These educators are the sign of a fruitful network we are building between staff mobility and learners mobility: after...

A psychologist from Spain

Mariale is a psychologist working in the field of vocational training. She is in #Vicenza to learn the best...

A group from Germany

For the first time we host in #Vicenza 9 students from the Konrad-Zuse-Schule in Hünfeld. They have the great...

A group from Sweden

We are very excited and proud to host our first group from Sweden. They come from the Jämtlands Gymnasium...

Clerical assistants from Spain

Good weather welcomes Sara and Cristina, coming from the IES Emilio Jimeno (Zaragoza) accompanied by their teacher Elvira. #Vicenza...

A group from Spain

Once again we host students coming from the IES Telesforo Bravo in Puerto de la Cruz, studying in the...

A group from Germany

28th April is the day when a group of early childhood educators start their experience in Vicenza. They come...

A group from Tenerife, Canary Islands

Two-months-traineeship for these young students coming from Tenerife, Canary Islands, to the Continent 😉 14 companies are going to...

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Prácticas en Vicenza, una experiencia única!

El uso de las competencias profesionales, el fortalecimiento de la personalidad y mayor interés por la movilidad: conozca los objetivos de nuestro programa de prácticas.