Author - Giorgia P.

Educators from Germany

These educators are the sign of a fruitful network we are building between staff mobility and learners mobility: after a successful study visit with Eurocultura, the teachers of these young people promoted in their school the opportunity to carry out a traineeship with Erasmus+ grants. Eurocultura is glad to be the host institution for both groups! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @Alice-Salomon-Schule

A psychologist from Spain

Mariale is a psychologist working in the field of vocational training. She is in #Vicenza to learn the best practices of our municipality in the organization of courses and counselling activities for unemployed people. She will gain also project work and planning competences. Make the most of your Erasmus+ experience! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @FUNDLaboraldelMetal

A group from Germany

For the first time we host in #Vicenza 9 students from the Konrad-Zuse-Schule in Hünfeld. They have the great opportunity to carry out a traineeship in the field where they want to specialise after finishing the school, and furthermore in our magic country ;-) What a wonderful possibility with Erasmus+! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @KonradZuseSchule

A group from Sweden

We are very excited and proud to host our first group from Sweden. They come from the Jämtlands Gymnasium in #Östersund and are studying to become car mechanics, metal workers, car metal worker and car metal painter. Our cold May is their summer :-) Enjoy #Italy! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @jamtlandsgymnasium

HWK Braunschweig-Lüneburg-Stade | Bella Italia auch beruflich entdecken

Zwölf Handwerkslehrlinge machten sich kürzlich auf den Weg nach „Bella Italia“, um dort zu leben und zu arbeiten. Parallel dazu sammelten sechs dazugehörige Ausbilder im Rahmen einer Ausbilderhospitation berufliche Erfahrungen in der Region Veneto. Aufenthalt gefördert durch: ERASMUS+ Bild oben: Erst die Arbeit, dann das Vergnügen. Abendessen mit Mobilitätsberaterin Martina Sommer (vordere Reihe, links) und Federica Perazzolo, Eurocultura (2. Reihe, 6. von rechts) © Martina Sommer