Virtual traineeship

The Italian way of doing

Aims and objectives

The purpose of the Virtual Traineeship is to offer students and apprentices the opportunity to learn the secrets from the best Italian professionals working in our area.

Theoretical introduction and practical experimentation will allow trainees to acquire a first-hand knowledge to typical products and activities of northern Italy.

The Virtual Traineeship can be seen as a pre-departure practical training for students and apprentices who will make a work experience in Italy or as a substitute of it in case they are nor able to leave their country to spend a professional training abroad.


  • Bakery and pastry
  • Early childcare
  • Hairdressing
  • other topics available on request.

Language versions

German, English and Spanish

Methodology and development of the activity

The Virtual Traineeship consists of 8 learning units of 4 teaching units each, for a total of 32 hours of 45 minutes.

Different teaching methodologies are foreseen: face-to-face lesson in a virtual environment, instructional videos performed by top professionals, self-organized learning, and online learning assessments.

Each learning unit includes a theoretical part that introduces an instructional video that focuses on a topic chosen from the territorial excellences. During a practical exercise, the trainees implements in autonomous way the contents of the teaching unit.

A tutor will supervise the learning activity, providing the theoretical inputs, gathering any requests for clarification from the trainees about the practical activity and giving answers and feedbacks.

The practical exercise can take place at home or at the company where the trainee works.

The procedure must be evidenced by at least three photos taken during the different stages of the process. These photos must be sent to the tutor before the start of the next unit.

At the end of the virtual training each participant, in addition to the certificate of participation, will receive a digital photo book with all the photos he / she took during the practical exercises.


The Virtual Traineeship has a total duration of 2 weeks, 4 days a week, structured as follows: 1 day theoretical input and instructional video, 1 day practical exercises, 1 day no activity, to give enough time, if needed, for leavening before cooking.

Option “Professional mobility in the European labor market”

The virtual traineeship of each profession can be integrated by a career advice unit “Professional mobility in the European labor market” specifically designed for the profession of the trainees.

Duration: 1 learning unit of 4 teaching units, for a total of 8 hours of 45 minutes.

Number of participants

The Virtual Traineeship will be provided for groups with a minimum of 8 participants.

Sample unit “Bakery and pastry”