Author - Giorgia P.

A group from the Basque Country

Once again we host students from different vocational schools in the Basque Country. The mobility is organized through Confebask, the Confederation of Basque Enterprises. Today we start with the first 12 participants: challenging but exciting! Make the most of these 3 months in Vicenza ;-) #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @Confeformacion

Synthesis Arredamenti Srl: the quality of Made in Italy exported all over the world

Mr. Mario Gatto, founder of Synthesis Arredamenti Srl and great woodworking expert, talks to us today about his company and above all about his experience in welcoming European trainees. • What does your company do? Our company deals with the production of tailor-made furniture, mainly in wood but not only, made from the design or the request of the customer up to the assembly. It is therefore not a mass production but a strongly customized one. • What are your strengths? Our greatest [...]

Hospitality experts from Germany

Dilma and Philippa come from Hamburg to learn the excellence of hospitality made in Italy: something known in the whole world. Dilma is a cook, Philppa a hotel expert: make the most of Italian techniques! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @Hotelfachschule.Hamburg

A tailor from Germany

Winter colours are white and grey. But the colours of fashion are infinite: so please Stefanie bring us spring with your creativity! A well-known tailor-shop is waiting for you - but first learn some Italian with our crash course. In bocca al lupo! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @hwkoldenburg @mobilitaetsberatung

Tradition and innovation in cooking: the winning combination of Cucina Tomasi

Today we have the honor to interview Gianluca Tomasi, famous chef from Vicenza, owner of the "Cucina Tomasi" deli store, as well as member of the Italian National Chefs Team, who recently won the gold medal in the "Cold Table" category at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. • We know that you are familiar with this kind of competitions, how long have you been part of the Italian National Chefs Team? How many awards have you won so far? I [...]