Nuova Sida automatic turnery

We interview Giulia Zanetti, CEO and sales manager of Nuova Sida S.r.l., a company located in Camisano Vicentino, taken over by her father Carlo 27 years ago.

• What does your company do?
Our company is an automatic turnery specialized in turning small parts and mechanical components according to the customer’s design.

• What are your strengths?
Our company specializes in the production of lathed items in alloy steel, copper, aluminium and plastic. The large number of machines we are equipped with is surely an asset that allows us to meet the different production needs. The company is also certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard and is getting ready to obtain the ISO 18001 certification for safety.

• How many employees do you have?
We have a total of 25 employees.

• What kind of customers do you have?
The numerous machines we have allow us to meet the needs of several sectors (mechanical field, plumbing industry, etc.). We therefore collaborate with local craftsmen as well as with large multinational groups. We have about 35% of foreign customers, most of whom are German (around 70%).

• How long have you been welcoming trainees? In which areas? From which country have you welcomed trainee so far? Would you possibly be available to welcome trainees in other areas (administrative, commercial, etc. …)?
It is in the collaboration between the experience of those who have been in the sector for decades and the innovation of the new generations that Nuova Sida creates its progress and gets ready for the future. We have therefore always welcomed Italian trainees and in the last 5 years, thanks to the collaboration with Eurocultura, European trainees too. The trainees, mainly from Germany and Spain, are included in the production area as they are mainly young people in training as metalworkers. It would be difficult for us to include trainees in other areas because the so-called “desk job” is closely linked to our internal management system and would therefore be unproductive and not very stimulating for them.

• Which are the tasks assigned to them? What can a trainee learn from you?
The trainees usually work alongside our employees in the management of CNC machines and they collaborate in the quality control of items in production using the main measuring instruments (calipers, micrometer, altimeter …). The trainee has therefore the opportunity to experience the high quality of the production process, the pride and joy of our company and of the Italian business scene in general.

• How do you organize the placement and the “follow-up” of the trainee?
The trainee works single shift, with a one-hour lunch break.
Usually the working hours are adapted to the timetables of public transport with which the trainee reaches our company.
He is supported by a supervisor, usually the head of the department, who is always there to oversee the work and to answer any doubt or need.
We also offer trainees a completely free canteen service throughout the period of the traineeship.

• How do the company’s employees react to the trainee?
Our employees have always cooperated with the management for a perfect integration of the trainee within the company. There is always a good atmosphere in the workshop and even those who do not have excellent linguistic knowledges have always managed to interact with the trainees without too much difficulty.

• How do you get on with trainees from Europe?
As you can see in our logo wave an Italian flag and a European flag, this means that Nuova Sida is a company that does not want to close within its borders and that in recent years has increased its relationship with foreign markets, above all the German one.
Welcoming European trainees is therefore an enrichment for us and we must recognize that so far we have always had very well prepared and diligent young people.

• Does your staff speak English?
We have 2 reference persons in our foreign customer service, who speak very well English and they are always there. In the workshop the staff does not speak perfect English, but it has always been able to communicate with the trainees and the language problem has always been overcome.

• Tell us something funny that happened to you!
It’s to me funny that many of the trainees we had, among all the good and beautiful things of our territory, have not failed to visit the main distilleries of Vicenza to taste our grappa. And I can’t blame them!


Interviewer: Federica Perazzolo, Eurocultura


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