Economy in Vicenza

More than 92.000 enterprises on the territory, 90 billion € turnover, an export volume of nearly 15 billion €: among all districts of Veneto, Vicenza has excellent standards, thanks to the strength of its well-structured production and commercial fabric.

The SMEs in Vicenza are usually family-run, and this makes them be very flexible and adapt fast to the markets change; they are small but international.

Vicenza is the third Italian city in the export, after Milan and Turin. It is really a stunning result, considered that the sales are made by many small and medium enterprises: this means that they are able to compete with international giants. The destination markets are mainly Europe, North America and Asia.

Vicenza is the home-town of many brands: Diesel, Dainese, Bottega Veneta, Pal Zileri, Marzotto for clothes and accessories; Beltrame and Valbruna for engineering; Zambon for pharmaceutics; Poli and Nardini for spirits production. Great personalities are Federico Faggin (the inventor of the microchip), Aldo Cibic (architect and designer), Carlo Cracco (chef). The jewellery fairs in Vicenza are a compulsory appointment for the most important buyers in the world.

Vicenza is a tourist destination for everyone who wants to see Andrea Palladio’s masters of art and the other beauties of an UNESCO World Heritage. People from all Europe, America and Asia come to Vicenza to make their way through the Italian Renaissance.