Carnival costumes in Venice

Hanna Franke is in Venice for eleven weeks, making historical costumes for the famous Carnival of Venice at the [...]

Sartoria Paola Girardi: A winning combination of fashion and education in the heart of Vicenza

Today we interview Paola Girardi, owner of the homonymous tailor’s shop in Corso Fogazzaro, always very active in the [...]

Massschneiderin in Venedig

Am Sonntag Abend kam ich in Vicenza an – einer wunderschönen, kleinen Stadt in Norditalien. Leicht erschöpft von der [...]

Theatre tailoring in Venice

Clara Merkel  describes her traineeship in the most beautiful city in the world.

Johanna, a dressmaker from Habsburg

Johanna, the new dressmaker from Habsburg, began her three-month internship in a tailoring in Venice.

Traineeship experience in a men’s tailoring

Eva Adler, reports her 3 weeks traineeship experience in a men’s tailoring in Vicenza.