The role of Eurocultura’s tutor

The aim of a traineeship abroad is to put the trainees to the test in a new life and working environment, to strengthen their independence and mobility and to make a professional leap in quality. European mobility projects work towards growth, enhancement and interchange of its citizens’ resources.
Especially if it is their first experience abroad alone, trainees have to be sure to receive an adequate assistance during the whole integration process, in order to reap the benefits of such an enriching experience.
That’s what tutoring means for Eurocultura.

Eurocultura’s tutors are present since Day One of the stay in Vicenza: they welcome the trainees at the station on their arrival, give them a welcome-kit and introduce them to their host, where they are going to live during their stay and where they can enjoy their first Italian dinner.
The day after the arrival Eurocultura’s tutors lead a meeting with the trainees in order to describe them the program and the organization of the stay and in particular:

  • give them some guidance to have a successful professional experience
  • explain which rules and values have to be respected in the social and working environment (that not always are the same of the ones of the country of origin)
  • clarify them how to move freely and safely in Vicenza
  • illustrate how to enjoy the cultural heritage of the region.

Last, but not least, Eurocultura’s tutors manage all bureaucratic procedures required by the Italian law for the traineeship.

The key moment of the first days of stay is the interview in the selected company. Also on this occasion the trainees are accompanied by Eurocultura’s tutors: they know the company and the environment in which the trainees will do their professional experience, they are the necessary and reassuring means to mediate the integration and, not least, they provide language support.
Together with the company’s tutor, Eurocultura’s tutors provide the trainees all technical (behavioral, hygienic and organizational rules) and logistic information (how to reach the company from the accommodation) concerning the traineeship; besides that, the tutors translate the Italian traineeship contract that the trainees have to sign according to the Italian law. Eurocultura handles also the compulsory Italian labour insurance INAIL against accidents at work. After everything is ready, the traineeship can start and the trainees, properly guided and prepared, can benefit at most from the training experience.
Throughout the whole stay, Eurocultura’s tutors are in close contact with the companies’ tutors in order to monitor the professional and linguistic development of the trainees, and with hosts in order to verify the integration process in the local community and everyday life.
Eurocultura’s tutors offer their assistance at every stage of the experience: they are available on-call and by mail during the whole stay, and in the office during the weekly consulting hours.
Halfway through the stay, the participants are invited to an official meeting with a tutor of Eurocultura, to give a feedback on the experience following precise quality criteria and filling in an assessment questionnaire. After the mid-term evaluation, the trainees are invited to a convivial moment.
The sending organization is also constantly informed about the situation of the trainees, from the arrival in Vicenza until their departure.