Author - Giorgia P.

Craftsmen from Lueneburg (Germany)

Since 2010 we have been cooperating with Chamber of Crafts of Braunschweig Lüneburg-Stade (HWK BLS): also this year a group of apprentices came to #Vicenza to do a 3-week work placement in the handcraft sector. Good work! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly #HWKBLS @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta

International from the early childhood with a traineeship in Vicenza

„International” has become a current word in our vocabulary. We live in a global world, with a thick and complex network of interconnections, which cannot leave people’s and resources’ mobility aside. Meeting foreigners is part of our daily experience. As world citizens, it is fundamental for us to be educated to come face to face with diversity. This process needs to start from early childhood: right in this age every child learns at most and develops brain, abilities, competences. After the family,...

Early childhood services in Vicenza

Vicenza has 113.000 inhabitants, is situated between Venice and Verona in the hearth of Veneto region, one of the 5 Italian regions with the highest welfare overall. The rank is drawn up considering the average income of the citizens, that reveals also a high development and a high employment rate, both male and female (the unemployment rate in Vicenza amounts to 4,8%). In order to meet the needs of the families in which both parents work, the service provision concerning early...

Football coach from Madrid (Spain)

Sport is very significant for #erasmus+. Thanks to that and in cooperation with the Fundación de la Real Federación Española de Fútbol and the FIGC, Josè has the chance to complete a 3-month work experience as football trainer. Que disfrute! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly #imovingforall #RFEF @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta @RFEF @FIGC

Carpenter from Lübeck (Germany)

New arrived in 2017 is Michael, a carpenter from #Lübeck (Germany). We wish you all the best for your traineeship in a handcraft company in #Vicenza! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly #HWKLübeck @EUErasmusPlusProgramme @ErasmusPlusIta

Football coaches from Madrid (Spain)

New year begins with the arrival of Jose and Miguel, two football trainers from #Madrid (Spain). They will spend one month in Veneto region to make an up-close experience in an Italian football club. Have a fruitful experience! #erasmuseurocultura #learningmobility #mobilitymadeinItaly #imovingforall #RFEF @EUErasmusPlusProgram @ErasmusPlusIta @RFEF

Traineeship experience in Vicenza

German apprentices from the Saxony did a a three-week traineeship experience in Vicenza in different sectors: goldsmith, mechanics, painting, woodworking. Even without Italian language skills, they could understand the people in the companies and in the host families and have a successful experience.

A trainee from Berlin

Fabian Schiller, a trainee from Berlin, reports his 4 weeks traineeship experience as mechanic in Vicenza, by Mercedes service station "Trivellato S.p.a."

Facts and figures of the tourism and hospitality sector in Vicenza

Vicenza, a city of 113.000 inhabitants, is located between Venice and Verona, in the hearth of Veneto region, the Italian region with the biggest foreign tourists’ amount per year. Thanks to its optimal location, its cultural vitality and its highly productive and well-formed commercial area, the tourism and hospitality sector in Vicenza has increased in size: there are 24 hotels only in the city, 40% of which are 4* hotels, with about 70 rooms each, and a totalling reception capacity of...

Aims and benefits of a traineeship in Vicenza

Nowadays an experience abroad is a major milestone in everybody’s training path: for the ones who are training in the tourism and hospitality sector this milestone is a must. Vicenza is the right place to do a traineeship in this area and gain international competences to add in the CV: acquire independence improve language skills raise cultural awareness develop adaptability and flexibility achieve self-management and personal growth Concerning the technical skills, here follow in details the competences every trainee will reach...