Wood and furniture

Synthesis Arredamenti Srl: the quality of Made in Italy exported all over the world

Mr. Mario Gatto, founder of Synthesis Arredamenti Srl and great woodworking expert, talks to us today about his company and above all about his experience in welcoming European trainees. • What does your company do? Our company deals with the production of tailor-made furniture, mainly in wood but not only, made from the design or the request of the customer up to the assembly. It is therefore not a mass production but a strongly customized one. • What are your strengths? Our greatest...

Trainees from the Handwerkskammer Freiburg (DE) in Vicenza

Pizza statt Brägele – so lautete die Devise für Zimmermann Klemens, Konditorin Jennifer, die beiden Kfz-Mechatronikern Nico und Hannes sowie Bäcker Simon, die von ihren Ausbildungsbetrieben für drei Wochen freigestellt wurden, um die Ausbildung in Betrieben im italienischen Vicenza fortzusetzen.