Tourism and cooking

Tradition and innovation in cooking: the winning combination of Cucina Tomasi

Today we have the honor to interview Gianluca Tomasi, famous chef from Vicenza, owner of the "Cucina Tomasi" deli store, as well as member of the Italian National Chefs Team, who recently won the gold medal in the "Cold Table" category at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. • We know that you are familiar with this kind of competitions, how long have you been part of the Italian National Chefs Team? How many awards have you won so far? I [...]

Facts and figures of the tourism and hospitality sector in Vicenza

Vicenza, a city of 113.000 inhabitants, is located between Venice and Verona, in the hearth of Veneto region, the Italian region with the biggest foreign tourists’ amount per year. Thanks to its optimal location, its cultural vitality and its highly productive and well-formed commercial area, the tourism and hospitality sector in Vicenza has increased in size: there are 24 hotels only in the city, 40% of which are 4* hotels, with about 70 rooms each, and a totalling reception capacity [...]

Aims and benefits of a traineeship in Vicenza

Nowadays an experience abroad is a major milestone in everybody’s training path: for the ones who are training in the tourism and hospitality sector this milestone is a must. Vicenza is the right place to do a traineeship in this area and gain international competences to add in the CV: acquire independence improve language skills raise cultural awareness develop adaptability and flexibility achieve self-management and personal growth Concerning the technical skills, here follow in details the competences every trainee will [...]

The interview: a hosting company explains its European experience

Interview with Carlotta Trabaldo, receptionist manager of Hotel Ristorante Pizzeria Giada, situated in the province of Vicenza, 3*** touristic facility, offering both accommodation and catering, and host company of European trainees. Which is the mission of your company? Our structure is composed of interlinked hotel and restaurant. Our mission is to pamper guests, offering them highly professional and flawless services by maintaining a family work atmosphere and making them feel at home. Pay specific attention to the smallest details and to [...]

Cultural activities

Vicenza is a friendly city, it is comfortable and pleasant to move by walking or by bike; in 20 minutes you can reach every corner of the city, which is linked through many cycle lanes to the suburbs, where you can enjoy the countryside or the hills. Many Vicentini use to spend their free time in the open air: walking through the city centre, relaxing in the parks, having/sipping an aperitive in a bar. The cultural offering in Vicenza is [...]