Early childhood education

International from the early childhood with a traineeship in Vicenza

„International” has become a current word in our vocabulary. We live in a global world, with a thick and complex network of interconnections, which cannot leave people’s and resources’ mobility aside. Meeting foreigners is part of our daily experience. As world citizens, it is fundamental for us to be educated to come face to face with diversity. This process needs to start from early childhood: right in this age every child learns at most and develops brain, abilities, competences. After the [...]

Early childhood services in Vicenza

Vicenza has 113.000 inhabitants, is situated between Venice and Verona in the hearth of Veneto region, one of the 5 Italian regions with the highest welfare overall. The rank is drawn up considering the average income of the citizens, that reveals also a high development and a high employment rate, both male and female (the unemployment rate in Vicenza amounts to 4,8%). In order to meet the needs of the families in which both parents work, the service provision concerning [...]