Accommodations are organized by host families or by people living alone
Italian course for beginners is provided in the early days of stay.
Vicenza and its surrounding offer wonderful occasions for a couple-of-hours or a day trip
To start and continue the traineeship and everyday-life successfully.

Receive the right assistance in the integration process and in facing the first moment difficulties: this is what mentoring means to Eurocultura.
A working experience in a company abroad is a fundamental step in the trainee’s professional and personal growth.
Internships every year
Years of experience
Host families
Companies for internship

What is Learning Mobility

The internship in a small or medium business in Vicenza offers firstly the possibility of applying for a new work context skills exercised at home, and to learn that they are convertible. Relate with colleagues and superiors in a foreign language and with a different organization of work confirms the work process undertaken and gives motivation for the future. In many cases you also get an expansion of specialized knowledge is an advantage for the company at home.

An organized internship is a unique and valuable experience !

Increase your professional skills, enjoy living in a new country, learn more about Italian culture